Specialty Meats

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Holiday Spiced Prime Rib of Beef

We start with the finest prime rib and add a family recipe of spices to create a special roast for any special occasion!  Order your holiday spiced prime rib of beef today by calling 498-8181.


Crown Roast of Pork

An elegant centerpiece to any dinner!   We start with the finest center cut pork roast and shape it in the form of a crown to create a delicious and beautiful centerpiece to any special dinner.  We can add homemade stuffing upon request!


Apple Cinnamon Boneless Stuffed Pork Roast

We start with a lean center cut pork roast and stuff it with fresh granny smith and delicious apples, and a touch of cinnamon and sugar to create a delicious special meal!  


Stuffed Extra Jumbo Shrimp

We use extra jumbo shrimp, and stuff them with Scott's famous seafood stuffing.  You just pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes and savor the flavor!  

Sugar Cured Hams

Amaze your family and guests with the extra special ham.  This ham is sugar cured for a flavor that is never salty and truly special.  These sugar cured hams are 14-20 lbs, and can be cut to order to fit your family's needs!  


Shrimp Platters

At Sleeper's we have an amazing selection of shrimp in all sizes.  Let us create a platter especially for you!  

Amazing Seafood Special Platter

We start with fresh cooked Maine lobster and remove the meat and cut it in bite size pieces.  We add fresh blanched scallops, and succulent shrimp to create a "feast on a platter"!  Call Sleeper's meat & seafood shop for pricing information. 

Lobster Lobster Lobster!

No where can you find a better selection of the world's finest hard shell lobster.  Sleeper's sources their lobster from the finest fisherman in the cold waters of the Atlantic.  Each lobster is tested for Sleeper's strict standards of quality and size.  As always, we will cook and crack your order free of charge!  Call 498-8181 to order!

  Are you having a difficult time to find a meat or seafood item...call Sleeper's and we will be happy to help find the item for you!  Call 498-8181